Do you provide a warranty?

Yes. All work is covered by a detailed warranty that is provided with each project proposal.

How long does the design process take?

A formal design includes multiple phases accompanied by several meetings. From start to finish, including concepts and final construction documents, the process usually takes a few weeks to complete.

Do you install/rehab pools and spas?

Yes and no. We design pools and spas but we are not licensed to install those features. We do, however, provide project site management where we are able to oversee the installation/rehab process (including scheduling). We have established relationships with the most professional pool companies in town and often work in tandem on construction projects.

Can a landscape be installed in stages?

Yes. In fact, this is quite a common occurrence. And this is when a landscape plan becomes absolutely essential. Once a document is in place, and the scope and nuances of the project have been considered, we will be able to prioritize the phases of the project.

The advantages of this pre-planning are many. First, and often most important, the costs associated with a phased project can be kept at a minimum. At the same time, a project, even when it is installed in pieces, will have a cohesive end appearance.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Absolutely. We’re licensed Residential and Commercial Landscape/Irrigation Contractors and we are licensed in Decorative Metals.  We
carry more than the required amounts of coverage on all fronts.

When is the best time to install new plants?

We are lucky here in the desert as we can plant year-round. Though there are certain times when planting conditions are optimal, there are very few scenarios that inhibit our planting endeavors (e.g.: hard freeze).

Do you work outside of the Tucson area?

Yes. We provide design services throughout Arizona and maintain design clients throughout the United States.

Does a no-maintenance landscape exist?


Why do you charge for providing a landscape design?

This is a great question. Some companies will suggest that design is free of charge, but they have to cover those costs somewhere. Perhaps hidden deep in the construction contract? Or by reusing unoriginal plans over and over again.
We value transparency in the contractual arrangement, and thus don’t hide any charges. We believe that’s the only fair way to do business. The process of developing a design, especially a custom design, is one that demands quite a bit of time. The design of an outdoor space is a practiced and delicate process. It is one that the designer hones over years and years of study and experience. It is both the discernible and the intangible skills that are so valuable.

How do we care for a brand new landscape?

The final step in the construction process is a brief meeting with your Project Manager to discuss irrigation and lighting controller operation and future property care. We will provide you with a proposal for regularly-scheduled maintenance (which we highly recommend as a way of enhancing and guarding your investment).

What do you mean when you say "custom pricing"?

We believe that custom design and custom build necessitate custom pricing. We don’t use formulaic spreadsheets or per-unit pricing templates. Each project is viewed as a distinct endeavor with unique variables all its own. We actually go througha due-diligence process to arrive at accurate pricing. We take into consideration more than just what’s being installed (everything from access issues, soil conditions, proximity to existing elements, sub-surface utilities, and topographic features). In the end, you are presented with a comprehensive, detailed and line-itemed proposal that has been fully and thoughtfully considered.

Do you install other designers designs?

Absolutely. We are licensed contractors and are available to assist you on a project designed by another company.

What’s the difference between regular design and custom landscape design?

REALM design is always custom. Many companies offer “design” services but they “cut and paste” their designs, creating repeated and thus ordinary and predictable plans. We’re all for recycling but that’s taking it a bit too far. We will actually retire design elements once we create them. Not only do we to avoid boredom on our end, but we seek to design a space with a custom fit for you. It’s part of our mission.

What should we do if we leave town for the summer?

We have what we call our “summer sentinel” program whereby we can augment your regular service with quick, and thus inexpensive, site checkup visits. We can check to make sure that your plants are surviving the intense heat, that your irrigation settings haven’t been disturbed by electrical storms and that the summer rains haven’t done any damage to your property.

Do you offer commercial services?

Yes. We provide complete design, construction and maintenance services for commercial properties.

Does xeriscaping mean that I have to have a yard of cactus and rock?

Absolutely not. Xeriscaping is a tactic – a way of approaching landscapes with serious concern for water resources – not a style. We can apply the tenets of xeriscaping to any style landscape (Mediterranean, Asian/Zen, Modern, etc.).

Do you accept referrals?

Yes. We’re always happy to welcome new clients. As far as we’re concerned, a referral from you to your neighbors, friends and family is the highest form of compliment we can receive. We want you to be so thrilled with the care we provide that you wouldn’t want your friends, family and neighbors to miss out.

How are your construction contracts configured?

We believe that good agreements make for good relationships. All of our contracts are in writing, detailing the terms and conditions of the project, and we move forward on a project only when all of the participants are in agreement. Most of our contracts provide detailed line items and associated prices in order to provide as precise and clear a document as possible.

How is payment for services handled?

We send out invoices for regular services every four weeks and submit invoices for non-regularly-scheduled activities as needed (or per contract).

What kind of payment options do I have?

We accept checks, money orders, cash and credit cards (Discover, MasterCard, Visa, & American Express).  Some credit card limits may apply.