REALM is the outdoor sustainability solution.

It's a call for transformation…an invitation to take matters into your own hands…the rethinking of fragile natural systems and the impetus to be a part of the solution, instead of remaining a part of the problem.

We are the intersection of environmental stewardship and style.

We are the remedy to unimaginative design and the cure for outdated practices.

It’s about the REALM of possibilities…REALM as your personal kingdom…REALM as your unique space.

Comfort, style, affordability and responsibility are not mutually exclusive ideas. So throw out your preconceived notions of what a landscape company is.  Shift your view and work with us.  We’re here to make an impact.

If it's outside, it's within our REALM.

Licensed - Bonded - Insured

AZ ROC Dual Commercial + Residential license for Landscaping and Irrigation Systems: Class: CR-21 License #: ROC189238

AZ ROC Dual Commercial + Residential license for Ornamental Metal: Class: CR-24 License #: ROC284646

REALM is unwavering in its committment to make sustainability an approachable option for everyone.

We are dedicated to learning, evolving, educating, influencing public opinion and affecting change in order to curtail environmental harm.

In the process of helping others to lower their carbon footprints, we’ve pledged to lower our own.

REALM refuses to be satisfied until there is no longer a recognizable divide between conventional and sustainable practices.
— REALM Vision Statement